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Q:How can I take part?

A: It is so simple.
  • You call Miss Maria Zharova on the phone number:+359 898 665 046 and she explains to you in German all details. The English speaking guests can call Mr. Michail Stefanov at +359 899 124 119.
  • or you can write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask your particular questions.
  • or you can fill in the „Request Form“ and send it to us.


Q: How could I pay?

A: Simple, safe and transparent.
  • With the fixed price offers (they are to find on our Home page) we are offering you a 100% payment with the request form or with the following bank account: IBAN BG92UBBS80021049705830, BIC UBBSBGSF.
  • When you want individually requested hunting trophys you shall pay only for the accomodation during the hunting days in advance (overnights and food).

After you have shoot the animals you pay (in cash or with card) for the animals and the trophys.

IMPORTANT: We guaranty a 15% tolerance limit between the order and the shot animal. When you exceed the tolerance limit you have no costs and no obligations to buy the trophy. When you can’t reach the tolerance limit all depends on you and it is up to you whether you should take the trophy or not.


Q:What is the difference between individual and standard price lists?

A:The standard price list includes the stately prescribed minimal prices for all state hunting grounds. One could not fall below these prices.

With the individual price lists the private hunting grounds can set the prices. They could be lower or much higher than the stately determined prices. Some of these prices are negotiated by us and are valid only for „Hunting in Bulgaria“. Therefore it is beneficial for you to seek the advices of our employees in order to reach the optimal ratio between price and performance.


Q: Accommodation?

A:The best!

You shall be accommodated in hunting lodges with luxury facilities. You will be provided with everything you need. You’ll have all around the clock service at your disposal.


Q:What can do my friends who accompany me and who are not hunters.

A:Have fun! Feel good!

We shall organize for you and for your friends according to the place some visits to sightseeings, monasteries, strongholds, caves etc. In the program there are also wine test in first class vineyards.


Q:How can I take my trophy with me?

A:We shall prepare your trophy and shall take care of all the necessary documentation.


Q:Can you provide me with a weapon?

A: Yes, you must specify the brand and the caliber and we shall try to meet your requirements or to offer a wide variety of other options.


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