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The hunting territory has one of the strongest populations of red deer in the world. Six of the ten biggest trophies of this kind in Bulgaria were shot in these grounds. DLS "Voden - Iri Hisar" is a three-times world record holder with red deer trophies, harvested within the hunting ground of "Iri Hisar": 269,94 CIC points (17.2 kg.), 263,23 CIC points (14.8 kg.), 253,62 CIC points (14.9 kg.).

The state hunting grounds “Nesebar” are situated 350 km east of Sofia, in the vicinity of the Black sea. The Burgas airport is only 20 min. away by car, enabling fast transportation. The hunting area spreads out on 35 000 hectares of the east side of the Balkan mountain and offers various interesting hunting tracks.

Pravetz is a city with about 4 500 inhabitants, situated in West Bulgaria. A characteristic feature of the area are the picturesque forests and mountains, which form prerequisites for large game variety and an excellent hunting experience.

“Studena” is a state hunting ground, located in the mountains, 25 km Southwest from Sofia. Its closeness to Bulgaria's capital city has established as a favorite location to spend the week for many hunters.

Etropole is located at the foot of the Balkan mountain, only 80 km away from the Sofia airport. The city houses one of the most elite private hunting grounds in entire Europe. It spreads out on 20 000 hectares in the most beautiful part of the mountain. It is a favorite hunting location for many European aristocrats and world-renown celebrities.

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