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Very good experience carried out to highest level of competence at every angle. From the moment we arrived in Bulgaria, everything was very organised and we were made to feel incredibly welcome...
The hunting has been everything we hoped for, and more. The Capercaillie especially will never be forgotten, and will leave on in our house. Being professionals ourselves in the game in Britain, we realise how much work has gone into this week, and knowledge needed to produce such an experience. We have great respect as Miko, as a hunter and a person. All the stuff in the hotel have been a great joy to be around and enlightened the experience more. The "Bulgarien soldier" has been a brilliant guide and companion. Kiri has been good fun and guide as well as a translator.
We definately feel we will be back in a few years, for another great experience.
Huge thanks to everyone involved.
Daniel Hosking



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