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Bulgaria is a preferred destination for snipe hunting. There has been growing interest, increasing number of Europeans (mostly people from Spain, France, Italy and Greece) come to enjoy the shiver of woodcock hunting, difficult and emotional. Law in Bulgaria is quite liberal and the hunting season is long- from the middle of August until the end of February.

Woodcocks are birds that can be found in high numbers in Bulgaria in wet autumn and early spring; in winter, when the ground is frozen and they cannot feed, they fly south.

Woodcocksaremedium-sized birds, very close to the size of a partridge, and have a long soft beak to dig in the ground and feed. Woodcocksfeed onworms they dig out of the soft soil, they also feed on insects and their larvae and rarely arachnid. Woodcocks also eat plant food mainly in the spring-summer period and they prefer strawberries.

Woodcocks’ food preferences determine their habitat. During the nesting period they prefer wet abandoned forests, overgrown with undergrowth and shrubs, fern, with fallen trees, studded with open spaces and meadows. When it is not nesting period woodcocks like to roam various habitats- forests, bushes, near rivers, swamps, marshes and lakes. They are secretive and can always be found on the ground and at places thickly overgrown. Woodcocks’ brown-yellow coloration disguises them perfectly. They rely on this and always fly off only at immediate danger, otherwise prefer to hide and wait, counting not to be seen. These birds spend their entire life on the ground, fly off only in the last resort and do it so sharply and unexpectedly that inexperienced hunters are usually startled the first few times. Woodcocks fly off like a Boeing, going up at 45 degrees, making after that a sharp, quite unexpected turn, therefore very good shooting training and a right eye are required.

Woodcocks are a valuable hunting species.The species is included in The red book of Bulgaria under the category “Rare species”, but its shooting is allowed under quota. Woodcock hunting is permitted in the period 15 August- 28 February.

Woodcock hunting is extremely interesting and challenging. Some call it “Royal hunting”.It is conducted on the move, with specially trained dogs. The dogs go in a circle around the hunter, searching the nestled woodcocks.When a dog finds the bird it takes a position, thus notifying its owner for the discovery of the bird. At the hunter’s signal the dog rushes and picks up the lying woodcock, shooting follows.

The woodcock species has exceptionally tasty meat. The best quality meat is that of woodcock shot in autumn because of the fat gained as energy source for the long flight. Then the meat is digestible, fatty and very tasty. Our chefs will specially prepareyour catch by fine recipe. Such a menu is best served with aromatic white wine that emphasizes the fine taste and aroma of this game.

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