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Fine points of wild boar hunting

Wild boar hunting requires great knowledge and experience. What makes wild boar hunting difficult is their high intelligence and well developed sensory perception.

It probably happened to you during still-hunting to hear squealing and branch breaking that suddenly disappear. The animals had sensed your presence. Wild hogs use their senses and intelligence quite cleverly. They observe in detail what happens around them. They analyze all the noises around them. They recognize human noises and learn how to react in order to protect themselves from dangerous situations. 

An experienced hunter, master in wild boar hunting, once shared the following: “My experience has shown that the boar understands when a human tries to act unnoticeably. If you are too silent, if you try to move quietly, the hog understands your foul intentions. Experience has taught the older boars that after such behavior and noises death of a fellow hog follows. So, if you want to appear harmless to the wild hog, you should act like a tourist. You can mumble something under your nose or hum a song, but never try to remain unnoticed.”  

Boars are able to recognize the vehicles of the hunters, who appear regularly and to distinguish them from the “harmless” vehicles. Such ability is born by other wild animals, too. Even the noises your clothing makes during movement can be recognized by the smart wild hogs.

In the wild hog hunting, the hunters should take into account the phases of the moon – the best period is the “half” moon phase up to full moon. You should avoid hunting at full moon, as well as a day earlier, as wild hogs  are very cautious.
In case the moon is visible, it should not be against your shooting position in order to avoid blinding.

Choose a bright background. That can be snow or dry weeds. The hunter or his guide should be very well acquainted with the specifics of the terrain, as well as with the movement of the animals. Pay attention to the direction of the wind – it should not blow from behind your back. It would be best if the hunter takes position perpendicular to the wind.
The covered waiting stands give the best opportunity for long standing rather than the open platforms and ground covers.

If you notice an animal, you better take your time and not hurry, it is probably not alone, have a look around for others. You will be sorry if you hurry up and scare a big boar on account of a young hog.

In the winter period, the wild boars are being successfully shot during bright daytime too. You will enjoy successful hunt also in autumn, at locations with fruit trees, where fallen fruit is scattered on the ground – oak, beech, crab apple, cherry plum, pear.

If you have a good dog, wild boar hunting on the move and by stalking is possible. It is a quite difficult hunt. The dog must show you the animal by itself. A dog, trained for hunt by chase, will probably raise the animal long before you will be able to approach it. Such type of hunting requires a different kind of dog training. Such behavior can be expected rather from bird dog breeds than from a hound. In this situation the hunter-dog tandem is extremely important. 

We “Hunting In Bulgaria” can offer you to enjoy the pleasure of wild boar hunting by stalking hunting in different variants and with the assistance of experienced expert hunters. Bulgaria is one of the countries with the most valuable wild boar trophies. Please, be invited to take a look at our PACKAGE OFFERS or MAKE AN INQUIRY with your own preferences, so we can prepare for you a personal offer for boar hunting in Bulgaria!  


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